What an amazing, just amazing day I had with some of the most talented vendors across Canterbury, more specifically Christchurch. I have always had the plan, that at least once a year, il try and do a really big collaboration shoot. I feel this gives vendors the ultimate opportunity to go wild with their creativity and showcase work that they want to showcase. So, that’s exactly what we did. I am lucky enough to be apart of an awesome community through Christchurch Weddings, and with the click of a button and a wee announcement, I managed to attract some of the most prestigious wedding vendors in Christchurch to be a part of this shoot.

This shoot for me was about Autumn colors, soft bridal hair, a touch of Classic English, loose Curls with gowns reflecting High-end fashion. We were so lucky-  our shoot venue was breathtaking. It was a new build Villa style house in West Melton finished to perfection. The location is owned by one of my clients and just for good measure, we chucked in a  beautiful white steed! You know the ones, usually what prince charming arrives on, only this time it was the brides! Jacquie (My client), is probably one of the most incredible Women I have come across, Currently facing some real challenges in her life, but you would never know it unless she told you, she is incredibly strong and for her to open up her beautiful home for us to use was just amazing and I was honoured. Jacquie, Thank you. You are just amazing and I hope these photos bring as much joy to you as they did for us!

CaraJStudio – Hair
Cara is an AMAZING Hair Stylist that has recently returned from across the ditch. Cara and I have actually partnered up to offer Bridal Packages for Hair and makeup so pop me a message if you would like to know more. Rest assured you will not be disappointed with Cara. She is such a perfectionist and her hair ups are to die for. Cara isn’t your regular Hairdresser She also has an incredible talent, something I’m in complete ore of, she designs and makes her own wigs! Servicing for those who have hair loss issues, or cancer patients. Its a passion of Cara’s and Il be honest I was really touched to hear that she has this amazing side venture. She posts some pretty banging hair inspo on her page, so check her out You can follow Cara on Instagram Her website is

Samantha Rose Flowers
Now Sam is based in Ashburton, however, caters for weddings right across Canterbury, and she does the most AMAZING job. Her Flowers are absolutely divine, the arrangements are so creative and Il be honest, my partner has earned some MAJOR brownie points purchasing the odd bouquet from her and they are just stunning. Sam did an amazing job of capturing my ideas and vision of Autumn colors and lots of foliage.  One thing that I have found with Sams Flowers is that they last forever and a day and even when they dry out they still look fabulous, You can find the studio on the high street in Ashburton or visit her website.

Brides of Merivale – Dresses
They never cease to amaze me. Based in Barrington Street, near Addington, you walk into a supersized wardrobe of some of the most beautiful gowns I have ever come across, from Sleek French fashion to handmade Cantabrian goodness, Lisa is amazing. She just needs to take one look at you to know what styles you would suit. She designs and makes some of the most incredible garments I have ever seen, and the detail is something out of Vogue. Lisa offers a High-end service, so expect to be treated like royalty as soon as you step into her shop. She is extremely attentive, and when I gave Lisa a very ‘brief’ brief she absolutely nailed it with the dressed she brought along on the day.  This is the second time I have worked with Lisa on a Shoot and I loved every second! You can find more dressed on their website –

Gypset style & Hire 

One of the coolest vendors ever. They cater for any kind of event you got going on, and their inventory of goods is so delightful, I felt like I was trawling through Aladdin’s cave looking on their website. So many cool setups, from Glamping through to a full Wedding style. We asked Gypset to bring something we could use to create a unique space in the stable, and with the help of some Haybales, some gorgeous furniture, and rugs, it was exactly what I envisioned. I highly recommend you check them out.

Kelly Shakespeare – Photography 

Kelly is an absolute dreamboat to work with. She is so full of energy, and enthusiasm it was a breath of fresh air to be part of her vision. She captured the images you see in this collaboration, and the excitement she portrayed throughout the whole shoot was energizing. Kelly was professional, and actually got us some sneak peek photos 1 day after the shoot. Just incredible. If you are looking for a wedding photographer, Kelly comes with personality, professionalism, and perfection that will make you feel so at ease, you won’t even know shes capturing your precious moments. You can check out her website or follow Kelly on Instagram. 

Christchurch Weddings 

I was drawn to be a part of Christchurch weddings because I felt I had a connection with Lucy. She gets it. She’s realistic, smart and like me still in the infancy stage of growing her business, I share a lot with Lucy and I love bouncing creative ideas off one another. Lucy works tirelessly on the CW community and is doing such an amazing Job, All the while expecting her own wee bubba! CW brings a unique perspective to weddings, having planned her own wedding Lucy is extremely meticulous with her approach and knows exactly what will work and what won’t. She had incredible organizational skills and a bundle of knowledge when it comes to making the right decisions about styling a shoot or planning a wedding! Lucy promotes a fantastic Blog, You should go and check her out, ask her anything you want wedding related – shes AMAZING. instagram

Check out my Favourite shots below <3. Enjoy.

Until Next time

Katie xo

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