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There has never been a time when there has been SOO many foundations to choose from. It’s overwhelming and quite frankly scary, especially to those who are just discovering the world of makeup. You usually get a feeling of dread and anxiety when you’re walking around a department store. Trying to figure out which of the beautiful makeup counter girls you’ll talk to first to try and conquer your makeup fear and find out which foundation is ‘right’ for you, has never been harder!

I’m hoping this particular blog entry will go some way towards helping you forge the path to foundation selection success. Much like recruitment you have to interview (try) a lot of products before you find the perfect one for your skin tone, type and colour. Then you can go ahead and make an offer for the foundation to fill the vacant position you have available in your makeup case. I have listed some fundamental facts that will help you on this wee journey.

Skin Type

The first thing you need to determine before you select your foundation is your skin type, as that will go some way towards deciding which foundation is right for your skin. A reminder; Foundation should only enhance your features and balance your complexion. You should not use foundation as a thick mask that’s cakey looking. (nobody likes to have foundation trail on their clothing and in their hair. Remember, LESS is more).

So, do you have;

  • Normal / Oily /Blemished Skin
  • Normal / Dry Skin
  • Mature Skin
  • Young / Sensitive Skin

Obviously – If you have Oily skin, you dont want a foundation that has an oil bass, and if you have extrmely dry skin, than you dont want to go for a foundation that will just be absorbed straight away.


Right, now you have ‘categorised’ yourself  Lets think about the different types of foundations that are available for you to chose from.

Foundation TypeInfo
Standard Water-based(My favourite), This comes in all different kinds of textures, and different levels of coverage i.e. Anti Aging, Light-Reflective, HD or just Simple Sheer
Sheer Tinted Moisturiser (water Based)This is a great foundation if you already have great skin. This is will provide minimal coverage. I always try and get one with SPF in it.
Oil- BasedThis is great for dry skin, but only if you want a high shine finish. I’m not a huge fan, I often find they go cakey quite quickly and can clog up your pores.
Grease-BasedGreat for the more mature skin that needs an extra helping hand. Also great for scarred skin.
Liquid airbrush This is amazing for a flawless finish, and you often don’t need to be an expert with an airbrush machine to use it. (Dior Airflash uses this technology). This type of foundation is normally long lasting and flawless.


  • Invisible Coverage – Sheer to the point of translucent. Minimal pigment. These usually come in the form of BB and CC creams. These usually have multiple benefits for the skin.
  • Sheer Coverage – These foundations give a natural finish, this will suit skin types with minimal blemishes. These are great for evening out skin tones.
  • Medium Coverage – This will usually cover about 60% of your blemishes and tone variations. There are huge variety of foundations in this category. This will look more like a second skin than a mask.
  • High Coverage – This is the level of coverage you would need to cover serious blemishes and scars


When talking to a counter representative make sure you have in the back of your mind how you want your makeup to look. Do you like the high shine look or the Matte Look? as this will determine the product you purchase.

Textures range from Natural, Sheer, Dewy/Luminous, High-shine, Matte and velvety.


  • This is the only time you will see me say beware of SPF in foundations.  Not all but some cause Flashback! So, if your looking for the perfect selfie complexion just be aware that you can sometimes get the ghostly look if you’re using flash. I’ve found adding a drop of another foundation that either doesn’t contain SPF, seems to help. Also if it doesn’t have Zinc-oxide in it you should be sweet.
  • Remember Oil and Water don’t mix, Do make sure your Moisturiser / Primer is the same as your foundation, I.e. a Water-based primer for a water-based Foundation and an Oil based Primer for an Oil based foundation. Otherwise… HELLO, PATCHY FACE! It makes it IMPOSSIBLE to blend effectively.


A lot of my clients ask me how much they should spend on a good foundation. I would say $60 is a great starting point. This will guarantee you usually a good quality product that is reliable. In terms of how long it lasts, well that’s up to you. I ALWAYS advise my clients to use their foundation sparingly.

My Favourite foundations are;

  • Estee Lauder Double Wear $69
  • Dior Airflash $110
  • MAC Studio Fix fluid $60
  • MAC Face and Body $60

Available at Ballentynes & Farmers in Christchurch.

My FAVOURITE Application Tools for Foundation are Sigma F82 Round Kabuki brush & Beauty Blender. 

Its a brief 101 but I hope it helps you with your Foundation Journey! If you would like to learn more about makeup application and have a 1 on 1 lesson with me, feel free to go along and book online!  Here

Lasting note to my beauties, I think most would agree that the most important thing is matching the colour over durability and coverage. So think carefully before selecting the right shade for you. Re-application is NOT a bad thing, and done correctly takes only a couple of minutes. (remember less is more). Do not let yourself walk around with a mask line.

If you would like to read another perspective, Jump along to https://www.reviews.com/foundation/ They have some great points about the different type of  foundations and what works best with a variety of skin types.

Much Love, Until next time.

Katie xo

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