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Well, this is a first. My very own website (who’da thunk it!). I guess it’s been a long time coming. And I am so excited to bring you all on the journey with me.

First of all, before I dive into my first blog I just wanted to point out that I don’t claim to be an amazing writer (so grammar Nazi’s please accept my apologies in advance). Everything I write will be in MY own words, my opinions, thoughts, and feelings. I would also like to point out that I am not a YouTube beauty blogger extravaganza. But hey, it’s a start so bear with me as I get into the groove of things. I will be blogging about my work projects, I WILL review beauty & cosmetic products (and I cannot wait), but not just beauty for the face, beauty for the hair as well, this makes sense to me as I used to be a hairdresser in my previous life and grew up with my mama (who is also a hairdresser) educating me from a VERY early age with her words of wisdom on what’s good for the hair and….. What’s not so good. So I hope you find them informative, funny and interesting.

So I hope you enjoy and without further ado, here is Blog… Number one.

Facebook Model call = Photoshoot collaboration sensation!

Some of you may have seen an advert for a model call on my facebook page, almost 2 months ago now. Well, that post is how it all began! To start with, I would like to say a huge THANKYOU  to all the beautiful ladies that messaged me wanting to be a part of this project. At first, I thought I would put my feelers out there and see who would be keen to come on this crazy train ride, but it spiralled very quickly (in a positive way) and I ended up having offers left right and centre for local collaborators to be a part of this awesome project and over 150 model applications! I was lucky enough to secure the following vendors. ALL of whom I recommend hand on heart for ANY special occasion you may have coming up.

  • On Photography –  Tegan Clark Photography
  • Providing the most beautiful flower arrangements –  Samantha Rose Flowers based in Ashburton
  • The most AMAZING Bridal gowns – Brides of Merivale
  • Bohemian Hair Styles – Casey Roxburgh (True Grit, Christchurch) & Brittany Keele (Minx, Ashburton)
  • And for Makeup we had me! (Obviously)

For location, we had the amazing Stronechrubie Restaurant and Accommodation based out in Mount Somers! Now, this is a hidden gem! If you like snowboarding or skiing it’s only a stone’s throw from Mount Hutt and it offers gorgeous accommodation, and with an A la Carte Restaurant to boot it’s got to be one of my favorite eateries in the Mid Canterbury Region.

Of course, I could not have done this shoot without my amazing models, who were sourced from said Model call advert on the trusty old Facebook network. Jenna McKenzie, Georgia Henderson, Katie Weston & Nikita Leck. For most of the girls, this was a new experience and they did TERRIFICALLY! They blessed me with beautiful canvases to work on, and the bridal gowns just looked sensational on them and really finished that Bohemian look we were going for.For this photoshoot, the main products I used on all the girls were:

For this photoshoot, my go to cosmetics were;

  • Farsali Primer I used this on all the girls, as I wanted to see how it sat on different skin types. It sat flawlessly and gave a dewy finish on the skin. – This was my favourite product of the day.
  • RCMA Foundation palette VK 10 and 11. ( I feel this product comes out great for short term photography) (however not very long lasting)
  • MAC Pro-longwear Concealer
  • RCMA Translucent powder
  • MAC Lipsticks
  • Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Palette
  • MAC eyeshadow personalised palette

My website showcases a lot of the images from the day, however for the purpose of the blog, here are a few of my favorite (behind the scene silliness).


Thank you again to Tegan Clark who worked so quickly to get these back to us!

We were very lucky with the Cantabrian weather, It was a bit hit or miss in terms of location and whether we would be able to shoot outside, however, we ventured down to the historical house based on Mount Somers station and got some beautiful shots. (  This spot is awesome trampers who want a touch of romance on their walk).

So overall I highly recommend ALL of the vendors who collaborated with me on this shoot, it was so much fun and everyone was so professional and delivered the goods!

If you would like to book my makeup services for your big day please click here complete the online booking form and il be in touch.

I do still have some slots available for 17/18 weddings for you beautiful brides to be!

Ciao for now beauties!

Katie xo

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